Critical Acclaim

Critical Acclaim Image-4

“has the ability to mold each note to her desires – to project great power and passion and to maintain throughout her program, a rare sense of timing”

– Washington Post

“Wit, elegance and subtlety!  Complexities virtually non-existent, intuitiveness for interpretation…romantic thunder…a place among the tone poets.  Diabolically electrifying, her mastery of the intricacies, rhythmic incisiveness, uninhibited approach and phenomenal pace were commanding.  Imagination, nuance and passion…the antithesis of a materialist…No cold, spiritless formalist here!”

– Joan Persinger-Witzman, Newport Express

“Plays with imagination, big and healthy tone, has the aggressiveness and the authority of a virtuoso…”
“hers is superior, outstanding “‘Bach playing’”
“her clever use of the pedal in Bach is unusually effective”

Jury comments  ( International Bach Competition)

“An Italian who can play Beethoven… the playing was powerful and moving.”

– Tageblatt, Berlin

“Pina Antonelli is a charming stage personality and an unexcelled pianist”

– Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin

“Emotional intensity and powerful technique.”

– Sovietskaya Cultura, Moscow

“Very expressive playing… virtuosity of the highest level.”

– Givani Michailov, St. Petersburg

“She is a female Horowitz”

– Le Figaro, Paris

“Miss Antonelli is a born pianist, of the quality which makes child’s play of the Brahms-Paganini variations.”

– Combat, Paris

“Unusual keyboard facility-effortless, it seems.”

– Le Monde, Paris